About Us

Who We Are


28th Avenue Homes Ltd. has been providing RESIDENTIAL and COMMUNITY based services for Adults with disabilities since its incorporation in February of 2002 and are proud to say that we are a 15 year CARF Accredited Organization.

At the present time we are responsible for the operations of one day program, four residential group homes as well as services offered under home share and community inclusion.

Our four residential homes are located in Vernon B.C. and presently serve fifteen Individuals in total.  Three of our Homes are licensed facilities and adhere to the Community Care and Assisted Living Act and Regulation. All of our residential homes offer 24 hour care, 365 days per year, and offer services focusing on daily living skills/needs, community inclusion, health care needs, recreation and individualized service programs.

The D.A. Center is our day program. It is located on 24th Avenue in Vernon, B.C.  The D.A. Center focuses on community inclusion, recreation, socialization, leisure and behavioral needs.  At present the D.A. Center offers programs to over 50 Individuals on a weekly basis.

The D.A. Center’s hours of operation are 8:30am – 3:30pm, Monday thru Friday.

Mission Statement

The Mission of 28th Avenue Homes Ltd. is to provide a safe and healthy environment in which we may promote optimal outcomes.  This is achieved by providing and developing Participant Centered Services that meet the variety of needs and desires of the Individuals we serve, and to celebrate successes along the way.

In order to fulfill Our Mission we believe that:

  • The participants and their needs are the focus of all our efforts.
  • Each staff member’s primary responsibility is to deliver quality care and service.
  • Qualified staff are our most valuable asset and deserve our support and respect. Staff training and ongoing communication are vital.
  • All improvement, even the smallest of steps, are recognized and celebrated.
  • Decision-making and change must include input from all those who will be effected.
  • Conflict can be managed constructively.
  • Trust is essential at all levels of operation.

Our Vision

“28th Avenue Homes Ltd., envisions a community that focuses on the ABILITIES of the Individual and not their DISABILITIES.”

Our Philosophy

“28th Avenue Homes Ltd., believes in the dignity and worth of all people. We are committed to delivering quality programming for the people we serve. We support community involvement through participation and act as an advocate for social and economic improvement.”

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